In the Dye Studio: Community Indigo Dip

Last weekend, we hosted a party for our fermentation indigo vat. Nervous about how much the indigo vat could handle in a single day, we limited the group to 25 people. Each person received a piece of fabric made from Sally Fox's organic naturally-colored brown cotton.

People came from far and wide with a tremendous amount of diverse backgrounds and interest in the indigo process. I am so grateful to those that share in the love of indigo and the cultivation of it and who took the time to spend the day with us. Yes, indigo is beautiful as a color, though the act of community coming together gives the process and the practice strength. It creates a bond between us, nature, communities around the world who practice indigo dyeing, and the color blue. 

What we will do with the indigo vat weighs heavily on my mind. How will we build upon and contribute to the work of Rebecca and Sally? How can these different communities be represented within this dyed cloth?

Until next time! -- Kristine