New: Jesse Sweater by Cocoknits!

New: Jesse Sweater by Cocoknits!


Say hello to Jesse!

A new pattern by Cocoknits knit using Bread & Butter Everyday.


Jesse is inspired by the classic Irish fisherman's sweater and uses the Cocoknits Method. The cables are worked over the front, back, and sleeves, with moss stitch on the sides and underarms. The cozy ribbed shawl collar crosses and joins at the base of the neck. The sleeves are worked straight with no decreases until the cuff, for fullness, but instructions for how to decrease are included if you prefer a tapered fit. A fun and challenging knit for cozy winter evenings, Jesse is a stunning sweater that will bring you joy (and compliments) for years to come.


Do y'all remember Cocoknits Nieve - that gorgeous cable-knit pullover knit out of Horizon? Well, Nieve was designed before Julie had released her Cocoknits Method book and Jesse is her updated version of Nieve using the Cocoknits Method as it creates such a great fit. (You can always tell the Cocoknits Method has been used when that lovely seam runs just along the back of the shoulder. Turns homemade into handmade.)

We love the addition of the cowl collar and how much those cables pop using Everyday. Just look at that honeycomb panel! Whew!


So let's talk about the nuts and bolts...

Jesse comes in nine sizes:
Finished Chest: (33, 36, 40)(44, 48, 51.75)(56, 60, 64)”
Length: (19, 19.25, 20)(21, 21.25, 22.25)(23, 24.5, 27.25)” 

And needs this much Everyday:
(7, 7, 7)(8, 9, 10)(11, 12, 12) skeins

You will need:
6 stitch markers in different colors
Stitch holders or scrap yarn to hold sleeve stitches
Row counter (recommended)

You do not have to own the Cocoknits Method book - as they have video tutorials on their site. However, it is a great resource and for those of you who like to learn from books, it may be helpful.

You can find Jesse at


As you may know, Bread & Butter is our sister yarn company that we created in the thick of the pandemic. Made of U.S. Merino wool, and milled in the U.S., it carries values in alignment with Verb's yarns but at a lower price point. There are 17 colors to choose from. (Julie used Day Moon for her sample.)

In addition to finding this yarn at Verb, you can now find it at:
Cast Away, Santa Rosa, California
Atelier Truckee, Truckee, California
Walnut - Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan
Brooklyn General, New York

So stop by and squish it yourself! And if you know of a shop you think would be interested in offering BB, let us and them know!

A big thank you to Julie of Cocoknits for knitting this gorgeous sample and including BB in her patterns.