SQUAM Art Workshops June 2017: Taste of Squam

Last year I had the opportunity of teaching (indigo dyeing and eco-printing) at Squam Art Workshops housed within a resort on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. This was my first time visiting New Hampshire and attending Squam Art Workshops. It was incredible.

We flew into Manchester (so sweet and little when coming from Oakland). As we drove towards Squam Lake, the roads began to narrow, from a highway, two two-lanes. I stared out the car window as we passed hundreds (maybe thousands) of lush green trees. Every now and then, there would be a break in the trees and I would see a peek of the dark blue water of a lake. As we pulled into the driveway at Squam, there was instantly a feeling of celebration and joy. Excited campers were exiting their cars, unpacking luggage, finding their cabin, and in anticipation of a weekend of making!

As a child we had family friends whose cabin we would visit in Northern Minnesota. The cabin was located on an island, make of logs, and didn't have electricity or running water. We spent our days hiking and swimming. It was divine and still is the place where my mind wanders when thinking about the happiest times in my childhood. While Squam is definitely a bit more cushy (electricity, indoor plumbing, a beautiful dining hall where delicious meals are prepared and includes a waffle bar and ice cream counter), Squam is the closest thing I have been to resembling my childhood memory of "the cabin up north".

At Squam, my cabin was located on the lake. There was a fireplace in the center of the cabin. And a wrap-around, screened-in porch looking out on the lake - with rocking chairs. Though early in the season, I jumped in the lake and went swimming. Others rented kayaks to explore the lake. One of my favorite activities while there was knitting on the dock.

I have some exciting news for you! Usually, you have to sign-up for the weekend of making in order to attend Squam Art Workshops - but this year, in celebration of Squam Art Workshop's 10 year anniversary, Elizabeth, the founder has created Taste of Squam, a mini-retreat where you can come and spend Saturday and Sunday - eating, drinking, knitting by the lake, and joining us for the Squam Art Fair on Saturday night.

Registration is now open. Click here to sign-up.

This year, I am teaching again at Squam and can hardly wait to get back to the lake. I hope you will join us!