Stitch Exchange: Evening Fog Cowl Pattern

It's that time of year - when the fog rolls in a little bit earlier every day and lingers in the morning - creating a slight chill in the air. While it would be lovely to stay in bed under the covers, drinking tea, and reading a book, sometimes the world demands our attention and we must venture out. Bring a bit of your home's warmth with you, and wrap yourself in a woolly squishy cowl like this one: The Evening Fog Cowl. This cowl is extra big. You can either wear it tossed once around your neck. Or you can wrap it around your neck twice and get that extra cozy feeling.

The yarn used in this cowl is called Big Sky. You might recall a few years ago, we traveled to Montana to meet the farmer who raises this wool and to visit the sheep. It was an extraordinary trip. I am so happy to have this yarn as a memento and to carry a bit of that journey with me as I wear this cowl. This yarn is woollen spun. There are only two mills left in North America which have the capacity to make yarn like this. So while it is thick it is also light and warm.

This cowl is easy to make - and fast! A great project to make for yourself and for your friends!

56" circumference x 12.5" tall

7 stitches and 15 rows = 4", in seed stitch

A Verb for Keeping Warm Big Sky (100% Montana Targhee wool; 160 yards [100 g])

Color A: Zinc or color of your choice, 1 skein
Color B: Barnacle or color of your choice, 1 skein

One 24" circular needle size US 15

Darning needle

With Color A, using long-tail method, cast on 97 stitches.

Begin seed stitch pattern:
Rnd 1: (K1, P1) to last stitch, K1
Rnd 2: (P1, K1) to last stitch, P1

Continue in seed stitch until you have used half of Color A (approximately 11 rounds, ending with Rnd 1).

Rnd 12: With Color B, (P1, K1) to last stitch, P1
Rnd 13: With Color A, (K1, P1) to last stitch, K1

Continue in seed stitch, switching colors each round, until you are out of Color A (approximately 28 rounds).

Continue working in seed stitch in Color B, until you are almost out of Color B (approximately 11 rounds).

Bind-off loosely or use Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Sewn Bind-Off for a nice clean effect.

Weave in ends, block lightly.