The Colette Patterns Road Show Fall 2012


I adore Colette Patterns' vintage chic style. I love that Colette Patterns is in independent company. And applaud Sarai Mitnick, the founder and creative director of Colette Patterns, for her impeccable taste. I am grateful to her for sharing her aesthetic and fine technical skills with us through her patterns and blog.

Since the shop has opened we have carried the entire line of Colette Patterns. We have based a number of beginning sewing classes on Colette patterns. We've watched people who have never sewn, sew a Colette Pattern, and become hooked on sewing their own garments. Colette Patterns has been integral to the conception of Seam Allowance.

So it is our honor to host Sarai Mitnick, the founder and creative director of Colette Patterns, on the Bay Area portion of her traveling trunk show.

Tonight, Sarai and Kenn of Colette Patterns will be at the shop from 6-9pm. They will have a number of garments sewn from Colette Patterns.  Plus, Colette Patterns has just released two new patterns: Juniper and Anise.

We are having a shop wide sale during the party. All fabric is 15% off, and if you wear a garment sewn from a Colette Pattern, receive an extra 10% off your purchase!

I hope you will come. And relish in the style, grace, and beauty of that which is Colette Patterns. Who knows what you might be inspired to make next after this fun event!

Aday will be in there in her new Negroni!

I will be wearing Jasmine and Beignet

And Jessie, our fabulous sewing teacher and co-worker will be wearing Peony

 -- Kristine 

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