Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss
Label: Brick
Label:High Summer
Label: Bonfire
Label: Pip
Label: Kelp
Label: Seascape
Label:Black Tea + Iron
Label: Oak Galls + Iron
Label:Black Tea
Label: Walnut
Label:Walnut + Iron
Label:Cutch + Iron
Label:Cochineal + Iron
Label: Indigo Blue Sky
Label: Wind
Label: Mother's Day Palette
Label:July Palette
Label: Friendship
Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss
Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss
Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss
Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Naturally Dyed Embroidery Floss

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Color:Black Tea

100% cotton embroidery floss
6-strand, 8.7 yards


A Verb for Keeping Warm
100% cotton embroidery floss
6-strand, 8.7 yards


Naturally-dyed by hand in our Oakland studio.


We developed our own line of naturally dyed embroidery floss as part of our Embroidery 101 class, as well as in select kits and projects. Now we are thrilled to offer our naturally dyed embroidery floss a la carte, so you can stitch to your heart's content!

Our floss is divisible and is great for stitching on all types of fabric. It is mercerized and has a subtle shine. Our palette includes a rainbow of colors, providing you with all the shades to stitch flowers, gardens, cityscapes, portraits, and more. 

Palettes consist of 6 hanks. The Mother's Day Palette is inspired by spring flowers and greenery. The July Palette is inspired by dark glossy leaves, warm adobe bricks, deep shadows, and hot summer skies. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our collection of embroidery books and other supplies here. You can use our floss for embroidery, mending, hand stitching, friendship bracelets, etc. 

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