Natural Dyeing Extracts

Natural dyeing extracts are highly concentrated powders or liquids derived from whole dyestuffs such as leaves, roots, bark, wood, and in the circumstance of cochineal, an insect.

When working with natural dyes, we advise first applying a mordant to the goods you would like to dye. The step of mordanting allows for the widest range of color and the best light-fastness.

To dye with extracts, they are measured or weighed, dissolved in water, and added to the dyebath. Extracts expand your dyeing horizons past the plants which are available in your immediate environment. They are faster to use than whole dyestuffs and easy to store.

To learn more about the intricacies of each dye listed below, about obtaining the widest range of colors, and for instruction of the natural dyeing process, pick up a copy of our book, The Modern Natural Dyer.

Cochineal, weld, and logwood are offered in smaller quantities because they are more potent.

The smallest quantity of each extract will dye 500g of protein-based goods a medium to dark shade. Purchase the larger quantity if you are dyeing more than 500g of protein-based goods or if you would like dark shades and are using cellulose-based fibers. 

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Please note that our madder and fustic sources have changed. Our new madder is half as strong as the one used in The Modern Natural Dyer. Our new fustic is 1/3 as strong as the one used in The Modern Natural Dyer.

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