Merchant and Mills Jacquard Fabrics by the quarter yard

Hi All!

This fabric is absolutely incredible - one of our favorite fabrics here in the shop. It is soft, the colors are lovely, and has a wonderful hand - and medium-weight - the goldilocks of quilted fabrics, not too heavy and not too light, it can be worn as a jacket but can also be transformed into a shirt or pair of pants.

Please note - the maximum amount of length this fabric is available in is 5.5 yards. So if your pattern calls for more than 5.5 yards, please decide where you would like to split the pattern pieces, and order two lengths that fit within the 5.5 yard lengths. If you need help, please email us at

Normally, due to this intricacy, we only offer this fabric in 2.5 yard cuts, though thought it would be fun to shake it up a bit and offer it as we do our other fabrics - so through tomorrow, Friday, November 19th, we are offering this fabric by the quarter yard. You can order as little as 1/4 yard or as much as 5.5 yards in a single length. And anything in between.


Made of layered cotton using a jacquard weave, this fabric resembles a quilted fabric. The top of the fabric is made of fine cotton, the inside of thicker yarns (not batting), and the reverse of gauzy cotton. It is advisable to overlock your cut edges before sewing to prevent fraying. This fabric is pre-washed, you can head straight to sewing.

This fabric can be used to create a jacket typically seen using quilted fabric, like the Grainline Tamarack. It would also be beautiful sewn into home-wares such as a throw or pillows.

Wash on cool cycle.

Material: 100% cotton
Fabric Width: 47" (120 cm)
Price per 1/4 yard increment: $13.10
Price per yard: $52.40

You can purchase fabric in 1/4 yard increments. The amount available refers to how many quarter yard increments are available.

To choose the amount you want enter whole yardage in first drop down box, partial yardage in second drop down box. Example: If you would like 3.5 yards, enter "3" in first drop down box, and "1/2" in second drop down box.