Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER
Label: Red Pear
Label: Fleur
Label: Butterfly
Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER
Label: Brick
Label: Bonfire
Label: Pip
Label:Buttered Biscuit
Label: Wheat
Label: Honeycomb
Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER
Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER
Label: Caterpillar
Label: Depth of Field
Label: Meadow
Label: Trailhead
Label: Alpine
Label:Lamb's Ear
Label: Zinc
Label:Beach Glass
Label:River Rock
Label: Magnolia Blossom
Label: Mirage
Label: Koi
Label: Fog Line
Label: Indigo Blue Sky
Label: Galaxy
Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER
Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER

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Dyed-to-order yarn is available in 3-4 weeks.



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Annapurna - DYE-TO-ORDER


6328 San Pablo Ave

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

6328 San Pablo Ave
Oakland CA 94608
United States


80% Merino / 20% Cashmere
112g / 385 yards
Sport weight
Gauge: 29-24 stitches / 4" on size US 1-4

About Dye-to-Order: Looking for yarn and we are currently out of stock of your desired color? We are happy to dye yarn for you! Your yarn will be ready in 3-4 weeks.


Oh Annapurna! One of Verb's first yarns and a perennial favorite to knit and crochet everything from sweaters to blankets to bed socks. Annapurna is a nice, round 3-ply yarn. Made of merino wool and cashmere, this yarn is next-to-skin soft. All colors are created using natural materials such as roots, bark, leaves and dyed in our Oakland, California studio. Our palette is inspired by our local Northern California flora and fauna such as the Pacific Ocean, redwoods, and golden grasses.

Annapurna is a fingering weight yarn so can be used in any pattern calling for that weight of yarn. Also, there are a number of patterns featuring Annapurna.

For a sweet hat in a large array of sizes, see A Hat for Keeping Warm by Alma Bali.

If you love shawls and lace knitting, you are in luck! We have been collaborating with designer Romi Hill for over a decade. Each design requires two skeins of Annapurna. Here are just a few of the stunning examples to check out:
April Song
Beautiful Together
Cactus Flower
Cathedral Grove
Moon Shadows
Morning Trail
Spring Forth

Or if you would prefer a shawl more streamlined, simple shawl, requiring less attention to knit, see Greyhound Shawl by Thea Colman and the Sinuous Wrap by Lori Versaci.

If you like brioche knitting, check out the Deep Swell Bandana by Nancy Marchant.

Annapurna was featured in the Cocoknits Method book, a wonderful resource for knitting sweaters seamlessly. Check out Lizzie, a lightweight cardigan.

For a slouchy, comfy, pullover, knit the Menhir Sweater by Annie Rowden.