AVFKW Mending Kit

Have a hole in your favorite jeans? Never fear! You can mend them using this kit! The array of fabrics included are good for mending jeans, pants, and shirts. There are a range of weights. The thread included is made of 100% cotton with a tight twist - adding extra durability.

Kit includes:
1 piece of black denim fabric (approx 7" x 7")
1 piece of blue denim fabric with woven polka dots (approx 5 1/2" x 7") 
1 piece of light blue linen cotton fabric (approx 6" x 6 1/2")
1 piece of naturally-dyed batik fabric (approx 5" x 5")
1 surprise piece of fabric - such as naturally-dyed khadi (pictured), tottorri cross, etc (approx 3" x 4")
1 hank of Olympus sashiko thread - white
1 hank of Olympus sashiko thread - cream
1 hank of A Verb for Keeping Warm sashiko thread - indigo

To learn how-to mend, we recommend the following books: Mending Matters and Make + Mend. For inspiration, check out our Pinterest board titled Visible Mending.

We also recommend picking up a set of sashiko needles.


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