Stitching Meditation Kit
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Stitching Meditation Kit
Stitching Meditation Kit

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Stitching Meditation Kit

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Stitching Meditation Kit


6328 San Pablo Ave

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Do you ever feel stressed? I certainly do! One of the things that really helps with reducing my anxiety is to create space - even if it is for just a few minutes a day - to thread a needle and take a few stitches. To feel the thread running through my fingers and to focus on my breathing is very grounding. This process involves very little skill, you only to need to know (or learn) how to thread a needle. There is not right way to do this, simply stitch in whatever way and in whatever patterns come to mind. Once you feel like the piece is "done" you can turn this piece of cloth into a wall hanging or place it upon your nightstand or your desk. You could also sew it into clothing, add it to a quilt, or turn it into a pillow. Please do let me know if you have any questions!
- Kristine

Each piece of fabric is unique. What you see here is a representation of what you will receive. The types of fibers include linen, linen/cotton, and cotton. All of have been naturally-dyed in our Oakland studio. Garden has been dyed with organic onion skins, Mountain with locally-foraged eucalyptus leaves, and Water with indigo.

For inspiration with your stitching, we recommend the books Slow Stitch and Resilient Stitch

Kit contents include:
+ 1 piece of naturally-dyed cloth approximately 18x18"
+ 5 hanks of a combination of naturally-dyed sashiko and embroidery floss

Supplies you will need (not included in kit):
+ Sashiko needle
+ Scissors