AVFKW X Making Magazine - The Checkerboard Quilt Kit


The Checkerboard Quilt Kit by Kristine Vejar, co-owner of AVFKW // featuring naturally-dyed fabric and thread

Kristine has contributed a study in natural dyeing to Making No. 12 / Dusk. A simple template to create your first quilt or a springboard for artistry and experimentation, the Checkerboard Quilt is both a home furnishing and social accessory, engaging the maker in natural color palettes and the users in a wonderful take-along piece of art.

We have the Checkerboard Quilt as a kit. Make your own version and see the beauty of naturally dyed fabrics take shape - from lavenders to magentas to deep purples - with squares and stitches alike.

We have created kits using the same materials Kristine used in her project! The Checkerboard Quilt Kit includes all of the naturally dyed and undyed fabric you will need to complete the project, along with naturally dyed sashiko thread and sashiko needles. Play with the aesthetic quality of contrast and saturation on a dynamic, geometric pattern that has been used for generations.

Want to make naturally dyed checker pieces to go with your quilt? Needle Felted Checkers is another project in Making 12 - Dusk. Add Naturally Dyed Wool Fiber - 8oz to your cart below and needle felt them to go with your Checkerboard Quilt Kit. You will receive a combination of 4oz of light purple and 4oz of dark purple 100% wool fiber. Don't forget felting needles.

Finished measurements:
Approximately 60.5" long x 60.5" wide [153.7 cm x 153.7 cm] 

Kit contents:
- Verb Naturally dyed cotton and cotton/linen fabric
- khadi cloth
- Verb Naturally dyed Sashiko thread
- Sashiko needles

Supplies you will need (not included in kit):
- Making 12 - Dusk (click to add)
- Sewing machine 
- Sewing thread - dark purple, lavender, and gold
- Hera
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pins
- Seam gauge
- Iron + ironing board (recommended)
- Rotary cutter, clear acrylic ruler, self healing mat (optional)


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