AVFKW X Making Magazine - The Good Vibrations Eye Pillow Kit


The Good Vibrations Eye Pillow Kit by Kristine Vejar, co-owner of AVFKW // featuring fabrics and embroidery floss naturally-dyed in the A Verb for Keeping Warm studio.

It's time for the release of Making 10 / Intricate, and we are excited to share our newest kit The Good Vibrations Eye Pillow

The Good Vibrations Eye Pillow is an easy project to sew.  Once completed, you will have a lovely addition to your relaxation routine (or one to start a new routine with).

We have created kits using the same materials Kristine used in her project! This includes naturally dyed fabrics and naturally dyed embroidery floss.

The Good Vibrations Eye Pillow Kit includes enough fabric to create one pillow. You can choose to add on a Hera marker to help mark the lines for your embroidery stitching.

Finished measurements:
Approximately 8¾" long x 3¾" wide [22.2 cm x 9.5 cm]

Kit contents:
- Naturally dyed dyed stone-washed crepe de chine silk fabric
Cotton muslin
- 2 colors of naturally dyed embroidery floss
- Embroidery needle

Supplies you will need (not included in kit):
- Instructions to complete the eye pillow, if you do not already own a copy of the instructions, please purchase a PDF from the dropdown menu below, or a copy of Making 10 - Intricate.
- 1 cup rice (or filling of your choice)
- Essential oils (optional)
- Liquid measuring cup (recommended when pouring the rice into the pillow)
- Sewing machine
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Iron
- Hera Marker (click to add)
- Pins  
- Sewing thread
- Seam gauge


If you would like to purchase the magazine only, and/or would like to see additional photos of the types of projects in this magazine, please go here.