Indigo-dyed fabric - 100% ramie - 17 1/2" wide
Indigo-dyed fabric - 100% ramie - 17 1/2" wide
Label: Ramie


Indigo-dyed fabric - 100% ramie - 17 1/2" wide

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Fabric is sold by the quarter yard and cut as one piece. Quantity 1 = 1/4 yard.



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Indigo-dyed fabric - 100% ramie - 17 1/2" wide

light indigo

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Content: 100% ramie
Width: 17 1/2"
Price per 1/4 yard: $16.25
Price per yard: $65.00

We sell our fabric by the quarter yard and cut as one piece.
This enables you to purchase only what you need. 

Example: Quantity 1 = 1/4 yard. Quantity 2 = 1/2 yard. Etc.
Please contact is with any questions you may have.

This fabric is 17 1/2" wide.


This narrow-width fabric is hand-dyed with indigo by a group of Japanese indigo farmers and artists named BUAISOU.

The fabric is 100% ramie. It is woven on looms specializing in the narrow-width of 17 1/2". This is a lightweight fabric, suitable for garments and home accessories like wall hangings, table runners, and placemats.


In a rural corner of Japan, there are a group of people who work together under the name BUAISOU who are completely dedicated to indigo. BUAISOU is comprised of a farm, dye studio, and design-studio and located in Tokushima prefecture, the historical center of indigo farming and processing in Japan. Every year they grow and harvest their own indigo, dry the leaves, and compost them. They combine this compost with wood ash lye, wheat bran, and water and use fermentation to create indigo vats.

Within these vats, they dye every shade of blue, on items such as cotton fabric, sashiko thread, sewing thread, and the fabric used in their handmade pincushions. The range of colors is created by repeatedly dipping the fabric into the indigo vats. Between each dip, the fabric is exposed to air. 

This ramie fabric is a unique offering from BUAISOU, and we have a limited supply in dark indigo and now pale indigo. Ramie (Boehmeria nivea) is a cellulose-based, bast fiber similar to linen. This cloth is absolutely stunning. The indigo glows; upon close inspection, you can see a range of blues running along each, fine thread. This fabric would make a stunning shell to wear in the hot Summer months. Create a breath-taking wall hanging using BUAISOU thread to stitch patterns. Or, simply hem the two ends, and create a splendid table runner.