Buaisou - Indigo-dyed Pin Cushion

In a remote corner of Japan, there are a group of people who work together under the name BUAISOU who are completely dedicated to indigo. BUAISOU is comprised of a farm, dye studio, and design-studio and located in Tokushima prefecture, the historical center of indigo farming and processing in Japan. Every year they grow and harvest their own indigo, dry the leaves, and compost them. They combine this compost with wood ash lye, wheat bran, and water and use fermentation to create indigo vats. Within these vats, they dye every shade of blue. Within their design-studio, they create their own line of products such as these gorgeous hand-crafted pin cushions.

The base of each pincushion is carved from cedar, grown in Tokushima. The top of the pincushion is made from indigo-dyed cotton velveteen, stuffed with lamb's wool. Lanolin, the natural oil found on the lamb's wool, acts as an anti-corrosive, protecting the needles from rust. Each pincushion is one of a kind.

Approximately 3.15"(8 cm) long x 2" (5 cm) wide  x 1" (2.5 cm) tall

We also carry Buaisou's line of indigo-dyed sashiko and sewing thread, available in multiples or individually.