Cocoknits - Kraft Caddy + Leather Handle Kit Short

Julie designed the Kraft Caddy with as many pockets as possible - on the inside and the outside - you can never have too many!  The center is wide open for bigger items like knitting projects, lunch and a water bottle, a rolled-up sweater for travel - and the whole thing fits right down inside a tote.  Keep it on a shelf or desk as a storage bin without handles, or add the short, wide leather handles (sold separately) so you can grab it for travel.

The Kraft Caddy is made from the same washable kraft fabric used for the Cocoknits Accessory Roll and Project Portfolio.  It's the perfect material - stiff enough to sit upright, but also washable.

A few details about the Kraft Caddy:
+ two color options: Olive or Grey
+ so many pockets: 9 on the inside and 3 on the outside

The Leather Handle Kit Short (sold separately):
+ same vegetable tanned leather as the original leather handle kit, but straps are shorter and wider
+ designed to go on the Kraft Caddy (of course, you can use it on other projects as well!)

If you would like both the caddy and the handles, please add both products to your cart.

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