Handspun Cotton Scarf

The whisper-light, beautiful, plain weave, handspun, handwoven scarves are part of a spinning and weaving Threads of Life revival project in Tuban West Java, these 100% cotton scarves are perfect for natural dyeing projects, an accessory, or a special gift. These scarves are absolutely stunning.

Kristine and Adrienne visited Threads of Life in Indonesia to learn about plant mordanting techniques using symplocos and dyeing with local plants while researching their second book on natural dyeing, Journeys in Natural Dyeing. Threads of Life partners with over 1,000 women in more than 35 cooperative groups on islands from Kalimantan to Timor, making field visits and engaging in commerce to help support Indonesian communities.

Read more about natural dyeing and traditional textile production in Indonesia in Journeys in Natural Dyeing. Kristine and Adrienne include a section on the work that Threads of Life does in the book and look deeper at the steps used to mordant and dye with natural plants. Click here to purchase a copy of the book.

Material: 100% handspun cotton
Scarf Measurements: 22" x 74"