Climate Beneficial Wool Fabric
Climate Beneficial Wool Fabric
Climate Beneficial Wool Fabric

Huston Textiles

Climate Beneficial Wool Fabric

Sale price$23.75

Content: 100% California Rambouillet wool
Weight: medium
Width: 45"
Price per 1/4 yard: $23.75
Price per yard: $95.00

Fabric is sold in 1/4 yard increments and cut as one piece.1 unit left

Huston Textile Company makes unique, high-quality fabric using American-made machinery, including gorgeous vintage looms, and raw materials sourced from the United States. Located in Northern California, we are so excited to have Huston Textiles as our neighbors and to expand our offerings of US-made fabrics.

This cloth is a twill weave, 100% wool fabric. The wool comes from sheep raised on Lani Estill's farm located in Northern California. It is referred to as 'climate beneficial' because Lani is actively working to sequester carbon to help offset global warming. This fabric is loomstate. This means it has come straight from the loom and has not been finished. Before using the cloth, it is important to pre-wash it.

This fabric would make a beautiful Prism Dress or modify the Prism Dress into a Prism coat. It is a medium weight fabric, making it versatile, and a great choice for a wide number of projects - anything from garments to home goods.