Indigo Dyeing a Sweater Quantity of Yarn - Saturday, April 6, 2024
Indigo Dyeing a Sweater Quantity of Yarn - Saturday, April 6, 2024
Indigo Dyeing a Sweater Quantity of Yarn - Saturday, April 6, 2024
Indigo Dyeing a Sweater Quantity of Yarn - Saturday, April 6, 2024

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Indigo Dyeing a Sweater Quantity of Yarn - Saturday, April 6, 2024

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Size:Class + 4 Skeins

Instructor: Kristine Vejar

Let’s do something wild! Indigo dye a sweater's quantity of yarn! It feel great to dye and knit your own garment. This is a wonderful class for the intrepid maker who wants to bring their practice to new heights.

You will prep, dye, and wash your sweater quantity of Everyday using the Verb dye studio. To do so, be prepared to lift 20 pounds and to work outdoors and indoors. This is what we wear while dyeing: work clothes such as jeans and tops that can get wet and dirty, an apron, water-resistant shoes, and a hat. Your yarn will be wet leaving class, be prepared to hang it to dry once home.

Your class registration includes:
+ sweater quantity of yarn - choose number of skeins
+ in person workshop to scour, dye, and wash yarn
+ 10% discount included on Bread & Butter Everyday yarn

Please bring:
+ Rubber gloves
+ Plastic bag for your wet yarn

Recommended additional items:
+ Notebook
+ The Modern Natural Dyer
+ Class is held in our outside studio. Please dress for comfort, crafting, and weather conditions (We suggest bringing a sun hat, wearing layers and sunscreen.)

Date: Saturday, April 6th, 2024
Level: Beginning
Class Size: 9 students

With a history spanning more than three-thousand years, indigo dyeing, requires a unique series of techniques, in order to dye yarn. It is one of the world's most revered dyeing traditions. I hope you will join me on this journey!


Curious about what to make with your sweater quantity of Everyday yarn? Kristine is currently participating in the Cocoknits KAL. This year’s focus is on knitting Ruth, a shawl-collar pullover with side vents. Throughout the KAL, Julie at Cocoknits releases emails and videos guiding people through the process of knitting Ruth. This is a virtual, self-managed knit-a-long.

These numbers can help guide you to the number of skeins to purchase:

Chest: 35.75 (40.5, 44.25, 48)(51.75, 55.5, 60.25)”

Length: 19.5 (21.25, 24, 24.75)(26, 26.5, 27.25)(28.25, 29, 29.75)”


746 (872, 1027, 1136)(1248, 1353, 1451)(1577, 1668, 1769) yds
4(5, 6, 6)(7, 7, 8)(8, 9, 9) skeins

If you there is a different sweater you would like to knit other than Ruth, that is perfectly fine. Look for a sweater pattern that is about 16-17 stitches / 4". and review the sweater you would like to knit's yardage requirements.


Currently, we do not require masks but they are always welcome.

This class registration is noncancellable and non-returnable. This class, on this date, is transferable to another person. If you cannot make it, please contact a friend to send in your place.

Kristine is the co-owner and founder of A Verb for Keeping Warm. She has written two books on the subject of natural dyeing: The Modern Natural Dyer and Journeys in Natural Dyeing. She adores nature and loves to cook, read, dye, make, and hang out with her pups, Callie and Jasper. She also loves to introduce people to the art and science of natural dyeing.