Cotton Blockprints
Label: Kingly Red
Label: Lean Stripe
Label: Spot Teal
Label: Daisy Indigo
Cotton Blockprints
Label: Spot Mono

Merchant & Mills

Cotton Blockprints

Sale price$3.75

Color:Spot Mono

Material: 100% organic GOTS certified cotton
Fabric Width: 44"
Price per 1/4 yard: $3.75
Price per yard: $15.00

Fabric is sold in 1/4 yard increments and cut as one piece.32 units left

Beautiful light-weight woven fabrics that would make a lovely garments such as a shirt, tunics (worn over pants or lined), as well as home goods like cloth napkins and curtains. These fabrics are block printed by hand by highly skilled artisans in India. A wooden block is carved. The fabric is stretched across a padded table. The artisan dips the wooden block into dye and strategically lays it upon the fabric, giving it a quick chop to set the print, and repeats this motion until the entire fabric has been printed. Each color is added one at a time, in layers.

Use this fabric to sew the following patterns:
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