Merchant and Mills Cotton Prints

Beautiful light-weight woven fabrics that would make a lovely garments such as a shirt, tunics (worn over pants or lined), as well as home goods like cloth napkins and curtains.

Check out the following patterns:
100 Acts of Sewing

The patterns found on Bright Star and Lean Stripe are created thorough block-printing. Shibori Pink is created through a resist-dyeing technique, where the fabric is accordian-pleated into squares, two square shaped block are placed on the bottom and top of the pleated squares, and clamps are applied. The fabric is then dyed. When complete, the clamps are removed. Because the dye could not reach under the places on the fabric that were clamped, those areas of the fabric stay white. In Japan, this technique is referred to as ita-jime. Due to the type of dye used on Shibori Pink, Merchant and Mills suggests throwing a handful of salt (or a dash of snythropol) into the first wash to prevent bleeding.

Wash on cold cycle.
Dyed in India.

Material: 100% cotton
Fabric Width: 44"
Price per 1/4 yard: $4.50
Price per yard: $18.00

You can purchase fabric in 1/4 yard increments. The amount available refers to how many quarter yard increments are available.

To choose the amount you want enter whole yardage in first drop down box, partial yardage in second drop down box. Example: If you would like 3.5 yards, enter "3" in first drop down box, and "1/2" in second drop down box.