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Label: Buttonhole Scissors
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Fine Work Gold Scissors

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Title:Fine Work Gold Scissors

Merchant & Mills scissors are sleek and sharp. These small scissors are perfect for all of your crafting kits. Add one to your knitting, sewing, embroidery, and spinning kits! Great for snipping thread and yarn.

Baby Bow Scissors - Nearly 3" (6.75cm) in total length. Hand finished in smooth black with a monogrammed M for Merchant & Mills. Sharp as an arrow and seriously desirable.

Fine Work Gold Scissors - Gold snips engraved with ‘M’. Full size 3.5″ (9cm), blade size 1" (3cm).

Wide Bow Scissors - Tougher than old boots and supremely sharp and black. Small and precise in a deep, permanent black steel. 4″ (10cm) total in length. The large handle makes them easy to take on and off, and quicker to use. The name 'Merchant & Mills' is embossed along the handle.

Polished Sheffield Buttonhole Scissors - 5.5" (14cm) Sheffield made buttonhole scissors. Long handles and short blades that cut well even at the tip. These scissors are a must-have if you are an avid maker of Alabama Chanin School of Making DIY garments and accessories. The finger holes are large, making them easy to take on and off as you work, and are comfortable when cutting often, as done when creating appliques and reverse applique pieces. The short blades allow you to create short, precise cuts in the parts of the motifs which can be hard to reach with other types of scissors.

Merchant & Mills 8" Matt Black Scissros - Matte black, striking, indestructible, Xylan coated shears. 8″ (20.5cm). Scissors for the very smoothest of cuts. Please note these come in a black embossed box. Made in Sheffield.

Merchant & Mills 8" Tailor's Shears - Chromium plated 8" Tailor's Shears.

Merchant & Mills 10" Tailor's Shears - Chromium plated 10" Tailor's Shears.

These well-made scissors will take your sewing to the next level. There's nothing like working with quality equipment.

Scissors are a final sale. Thank you for understanding.