The Modern Natural Dyer - Northwoods Hat Kit

The Northwoods Hat is one of the many projects from Kristine's book, The Modern Natural Dyer.  This kit is designed to make it easier for you to create the Northwoods Hat. All materials have been pre-measured. Simply use the contents of the jar at each designated step. The instructions for this kit are found The Modern Natural Dyer.

This project is a great first foray into natural dyeing and to learn how to naturally dye wool yarn. Once dyed, this bulky weight yarn quickly knits into the Northwoods Hat! Due to the speed with which this project can be completed, it is a wonderful gift to make for the holidays, or give this kit to an aspiring natural dyer! 

This kit is available in FIVE colors. Our classic colors are: red (madder), yellow (weld), purple (logwood, sienna (cutch), and coral (quebracho red). 

Inside this kit:  

+ One skein of undyed bulky-weight wool yarn (100g)    
+ Scour
+ Mordant 
+ Dye (madder, weld, logwood purple, cutch, or quebracho red) 
+ Whisk                                       

To complete project, you will need:

    + The Modern Natural Dyer book + 3-5 quart stainless steel pot 
    + Measuring cup
    + Tongs
    + Thermometer 
    + Gloves
    + One 16” (40cm) circular knitting needle size US 10 1/2 (6.5mm)
    + One set of four double-pointed knitting needles size US 10 1/2 (6.5mm)
    + Stitch marker, darning needle

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