Label: 06 - LOT 1951A/0526
Label: 22 - LOT 1991A/0630
Label: 08 - LOT 1761A/0207
Label: 07 - LOT 1951A/0224
Label: 09 - LOT 1951A/0930
Label: 11 - LOT 1951A/0930
Label: 10 - LOT 1951A/ 0526
Label: 20 - LOT 1991A/ 0625
Label: 04 - LOT 1934A/1215
label: 05 - LOT 1951A/0929
Label: 1 - LOT 1951A/1012
Label: 03 - Lot 1951A/0301
Label: 02 - LOT 1951A/0226
Label: 03 - Lot 1951A/0930
Label: 25 - LOT 1991A/1108
Label: 23 - LOT 1991A/0629
Label: 26 - LOT 1853A/119



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100% fine Portuguese wool
156 yards / 50g
Sport Weight

Retrosaria - Vovó

100% fine Portuguese wool
156 yards / 50g
Sport Weight

Hand wash only.
Vendor Gauge: 20 - 23 stitches over 4" |  Suggested Needle: US 4-7 (3.5mm - 4.5mm) 


Vovó (Portuguese for Grandma) is a versatile and hard wearing non-superwash, non-bleached yarn made entirely from fine Portuguese wool, mainly from Serra da Estrela sheep. It is a great choice for sweaters and cardigans intended for daily wear.

Shades 20 to 25 were entirely made from the wool of the small flock of Campaniça sheep that lives (and can be visited) at Quinta do Pisão, Cascais. Shades 01 and 20 are not dyed. 

Vovó is made from the wool of free range sheep. The yarn for Vovó grown, scoured, milled and dyed in Portugal.

At Verb, we love knitting with yarns that are working to preserve rare breeds of sheep, and a transparent supply chain, so we love Retrosaria yarns. We love the durability and color range of this yarn - perfect for your next colorwork knitting, weaving, or punch-needle project.

Suggested Patterns:

- Orlane Sucche's Tild 

- Caitlin Hunter's pullover Juniper Crop (pictured), this fun sweater uses colors number:
C1: 02 (dark grey)
C2: 20 (cream) 
C3: 22 (pale pink) 
C4: 01 (medium grey)
C5: 10 (rust brown)