Sashiko Needles
Sashiko Needles
Label: Olympus
Label: Hidamari
Sashiko Needles


Sashiko Needles

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Here at Verb we love tending to our well worn clothes by mending the rips and holes that happen over time. When working with sashiko thread, use a sashiko needle because they have a large eye which makes threading easy.

Sashiko Needles by Olympus in the blue packet featuring two needles of different lengths with round heads.

Hidamari Sashiko Needles by Lecien featuring six needles in various sizes, featuring square and round heads, and smaller and larger eyes.

Sashico Needles by Clover includes eight needles (two of each type) ranging in size from 0.89 mm -0.84 mm in diameter to 34.9 mm-50.8 mm in length.

All are made in Japan.

Looking for some mending inspiration? Check out Katrina Rodabaugh's book Mending Matters, we also have these great Sashiko Samplers which are great for practicing repeating patterns.

If you want a POP of color to add to your mending, we also have a lovely variety of naturally dyed sashiko threads, we also have a variety of embroidery hoops!