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Tulip Needles + Pins


Tulip Needles + Pins

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Tulip Needles + Pins

Easy Thread Needles - Assorted

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Title:Easy Thread Needles - Assorted

Tulip needles and pins are made in Hiroshima, Japan, a region which has been manufacturing needles and pins for over 300 years. Through a process consisting of over 30 steps, using traditional needle-making techniques that have been handed down through generations of skilled Tulip needle craftsmen, each of whom has an almost stubborn obsession with quality. At the same time, while making full use of the “cutting, grinding and polishing” technology used in Tulip's needle manufacturing that they have accumulated through the years, they are also constantly striving to achieve new technical innovations in order to develop and produce products that are of the highest quality. All come beautifully packaged in textured paper and stored within a glass tube topped with cork.

Easy Thread Needles
Assorted - Slide the thread along the top of the needle, and it will pop into place. Brilliant and easy on the eyes! The eye of this needle is so smooth - not a snag in sight. This assortment is perfect for stitching a wide array of fabrics. 2 each of the following sizes (mm): 0.89 x 42.5, 0.76 x 38, 0.71 x 36.5.

Embroidery Needles
Assorted Sharp Tip - wonderful for sewing with AVFKW naturally-dyed embroidery floss. 2 each of the following sizes (mm):  #3 (0.97 x 44.5), #4 (0.91 x 42.9), #5 (0.84 x 41.3mm), #6 (0.76 x 39.7 mm).

Sashiko Needles
Big Eye - Straight Thin Size - Needle is the same size from its large eye through the body and sharpened into a point, making it very easy to sew with. Pairs well with our selection of sashiko threads.
Includes 4 needles sized 0.84 x 51.5 mm

Glass Headed Pins
The pins are irresistible! The smooth, cool glass beads a top a slick, sharp pin - that easily pierces even the finest fabrics. The glass is heat resistant making these the best choice when pressing.
Available In four different color collections. Aosora, Akari, Sakura, Shizuku
Includes 20 pins per packet. 0.50mm×35.0mm