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Label: Buffalo Gal
Label: Fudgecake
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Brussel Sprout

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Blend of Alpaca, Kid Mohair and Wool
110-190 yards* / 50 g
*See description for exact yardage.
Sport Weight

Twirl - Ditto
Blend of Alpaca, Kid Mohair and Wool
110-190 yards / 50 g (see description for exact yardage)
Sport Weight 

Gauge: approximately 24-21 stitches over 4" | Suggested Needle: US 3-5


The fibers for this gorgeous yarn all come from the Napa Valley hills. Mary, owner of Twirl, has an amazing farm where she cares for a cornucopia of farm animals - sheep and goats and bunnies and alpacas - of all different sizes and colors. Every so often, Mary takes the fibers produced by her menagerie and using a small family owned mill, creates yarn - such a treat for all of us!

Ditto is a 2-ply yarn. Each colorway is named after the animal whose wool is most prominent in the yarn. Our current batch of Twirl is made entirely from undyed fibers - showcasing the beauty and breadth of possibilities created entirely from nature. Hand wash only.

*Please note as each blend is a little bit different, causing nuance in the milling, each colorway has different yardage. However, the gauge will be similar when knitting. See list below.

Buffalo Gal - 190 yards, also contains organic cotton!
Buddy Up = 170 yards
Brussel Sprout = 170 yards
Coco C - 150 yards
Fudgecake - 170 yards
Panda - 125 yards
Peanut - 125 yards
Portia = 170 yards
Starlight - 160 yards
Wonder = 150 yards
Zephyr = 125 yards