Weaving on a Little Loom: Techniques, Patterns, and Projects for Beginners by Fiona Daly

I have been waiting for years to find a book I could recommend to people who want to start weaving - and have finally found it! Chock full of instructive photos, this book makes learning to weave easy. Enjoy! - Kristine


This book is a comprehensive guide to frame loom weaving for the complete novice as well as those who have already discovered the frame loom weaving craze. It includes a brief history of weaving, useful tools and terminology, and a natural fibre and yarn index. The step-by-step tutorials cover everything from setting-up the loom through to finishing techniques and are accompanied by clear illustrations. Five contemporary beginner-friendly projects are included - all made with natural materials- including table napkins, a cushion cover, foldover purse and even a tubular woven totebag with no seams.

The Schacht Lili Loom is a wonderful option to use with this book. As is our new Weaving Kit!

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