AVFKW x Making Magazine - Winter’s Sunset Naturally-Dyed and Embroidered Silk Handkerchief Kit


Winter’s Sunset Naturally-Dyed and Embroidered Silk Handkerchief Kit by Kristine Vejar, co-owner of AVFKW.

Our friends at Making Zine have released a holiday e-book: Making Winter Vol. 1 / Gifts, and Kristine created a quick and fun natural dyeing and embroidery project for its pages! 

Spend a cozy afternoon dyeing and embroidering a shimmering silk handkerchief to give as a gift this holiday season. Red is used in this design to evoke warmth and love. To add depth and draw forth the nuances of madder, only a portion of the silk handkerchief and cotton embroidery floss are added to the pot.

Our kit includes a silk handkerchief and floss that has been scoured and mordanted, so you get to go directly to the dyeing stage! Once you've dyed your handkerchief and floss, stitch a simple or intricate design onto your handkerchief. Kristine's design evokes a flock of birds, flying into the early winter sunset. You can use her design or create your own!

You will need a copy of the Gifts e-book for the dyeing and embroidery instructions. Please purchase your copy directly from Making Zine, and enjoy the other projects included in its pages.

Finished measurements:
Approximately 10x10"

Kit contents:
- 10" x 10" [25.4 cm x 25.4 cm] white silk handkerchief, scoured and mordanted
- hank of 6-stranded white cotton embroidery floss, scoured and mordanted
- madder extract
- clothespin
- 4" [10 cm] embroidery hoop
- embroidery needles

Supplies you will need (not included in kit):
- Making Winter Vol. 1 / Gifts e-book (for the instructions)
- 3 or 5-quart stainless steel pot with lid
- Small whisk or metal spoon to stir
- Tongs
- Thermometer
- Scissors


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