Stitch Exchange: Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns - We have a winner!

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Thank you for participating by leaving comments on our previous blog post as to how you would modify an Alabama Chanin garment - and for entering our giveaway. It was fun to hear about your progress within the Alabama Chanin genre of work, and to hear about what kinds of changes and alterations you'd like to make. One of the most enticing things about Alabama Chanin is the never-ending ways a garment can be made just through simply changing out color of fabric, paint, or embroidery floss. It makes it all the sweeter that now, by using Natalie's newest book, Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns, I can expand my skills of garment construction and modification.

The winner of the giveaway is Romy. She posted this on June 3rd:

"Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’m obsessed with the Alabama Chanin aesthetic and have been since meeting Natalie at your shop. I would love to draft a long dress – a sleeveless boat neck fitted top grafted to the wrap skirt. Rose stencil traveling diagonally up the wrapped part of the skirt, across the shoulder, and a small bit on the back of the neck. I would call it my Wrapped in Roses dress and I would wear it everywhere and be fabulous. :)"

Yes! Fabulous!

Stay tuned! Natalie is coming to the Bay Area at the end of July - and we have a trunk show in the works! I will post here once I know more!