Improvisational Quilting with Stacey Sharman

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Improvisational Quilting is a new class starting this weekend at Verb. Stacy Sharman will teach the concept and practice, of exploring colors and textures through the use of your all-knowing intuition. This can be a great way to expand you current practice. And to use the form of quilting in order to paint. There's a directness to this process that feels rather freeing. And, I think that one of the most exciting parts of the process, is to discover, that what you may start making, evolves, and has the freedom to evolve, into something you had yet to envision. 


Stacey is a great teacher and guide. So if this feels at all daunting, I hope you will trust that she really will help you find just the right combination of color, form, and technique. 

This class is great for anyone who has taken our Intro to Quilting class or has 10 hours of quilting experience.

Quilting doesn't always have to be about rulers and matching your points. Come and explore. 

Both of the quilts in this post are by Stacey Sharman. The top quilt is currently displayed in the Easy bay Modern Quilters Quilting Show, Stitch Modern.