Growing, Gathering & Dyeing with Plants -- May 27th

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Curious about Natural Dyeing?  Take the first step.

I invite you to take my class on Memorial Day. 

Here are the Details:

Growing, Gathering, and Dyeing with Plants - Memorial Day

Instructor: Adrienne Rodriguez

Discover natural dyeing and its wide world of color. Throughout time, the craft of natural dyeing has been created and upheld by cultures around the world, from South America to India. Now is your chance to become part of the tradition. Explore which types of plants you can grow and gather that can be used in the dyeing process.

This class will prepare you for natural dyeing on protein (animal) fibers. 

In this class, you will learn:

- Yarn and fiber preparation which will include helpful tips for a successful end product with emphasis on colorfastness
- Mordanting with alum for protein fibers (these are fibers that come from animals) to achieve colorfast results
- Dyestuff prep
- Actual dyeing of yarn samples
- Washing and drying your yarn
- Resources for continued learning
- How to create a dye garden
- How to use whole plants to create a wide variety of color

You will leave class with a colorful array of naturally dyed yarn samples.

No experience required.

Materials included: yarn samples, various dyestuffs

Materials Required: rubber gloves.
  Class is held on our outside patio.  Please dress for comfort, crafting, and weather conditions.

1 Session / 3 hours

Cost: $75 with 24 hour advance reservation / $85 walk-in

Date: Monday, May 27
Time: 2:30-5:30pm