INDIGO - Learn surface design through resist dyeing!

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Kristine, owner of A Verb for Keeping Warm, will guide you through the ancient world of dyeing with resist techniques. 
You will create surface design patterns through different folding, tying, and sewing methods.
The results are always surprising and beautiful.  Plus the great thing about resist dyeing with indigo,
there is no need to mordant first and you can dye cellulose fabric.  

Great ways to use your fabric include, but not limited to: making clothing, quilts, and awesome totes to show off your unique skills!

You don't want to miss this exciting opportunity to make one of a kind textiles.  Sign up while you can. SIGN UP HERE!



 In this class, we will review a variety of surface design techniques, including:

  • Shibori
    • Kumo (spiderweb binding)
    • Mokume
    • Karamatsu (Japanese larch)
    • Ita Jime (folding & clamping)
  • Bandhani - the traditional form of Indian tie and dye.

Kristine will discuss the proper fabric preparation and demonstrate the various binding, stitching, and clamping techniques. Then each student will get be able to try his or her hand at stitching and folding. 

We then move to the indigo vat, where we will dip our newly tied fabrics. 

You will leave class with an array of indigo-dyed samples.  

Materials Required:  

+ 2-3 yds total of undyed fabric: cotton muslin, broadcloth, and / or linen/cotton blends.
Please wash the fabric in hot water and soap to remove any spinning / weaving oils. 

+ hand sewing needles

+ strong thread (hand quilting thread, polyester thread, or heavy duty denim thread works well) 

+ a washable fabric marker or fabric creaser 

+ rubber gloves 

Recommended Materials:  

+ small flat objects (coin sized)

+ small and medium C clamps

Date: Sunday, June 16th
Time: 2:30-5:30pm