Stitch Exchange: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter GIVE-AWAY!

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Sometimes, California can feel like a bit of a yarn desert, compared to the woolly northeastern states. As you know, we’re striving to bring as much life as we can into the local wool market. We do this by stocking local farm yarns like Bodega Pastures, by creating our own yarn with The California Wool Project, and by bringing the country’s most beautiful natural fibers together under one roof, in our shop.


That’s why we’re so proud to be the new West Coast flagship store for Brooklyn Tweed. We have a table spilling over with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, a delightfully rugged, and soft, worsted weight American wool. The colors have tweedy depth and universal appeal, and it's all made at the historic Harrisville mill, from Targee wool grown in the USA. Now that we’ve got Shelter on the shelf, the hardest part is deciding which patterns to stock.


Three colors of Shelter: there's plenty more where that came from...

Brooklyn Tweed’s Jared Flood has been designing and knitting since long before he started making yarn. Not only does Brooklyn Tweed produce gorgeous American wool, they also have a plethora of contemporary, and timeless, patterns. According to his most recent blog post, Flood was inspired to enter the world of knitwear design, after taking up knitting and encountering a dearth of good menswear patterns. Today, Brooklyn Tweed's team of designers create beautiful patterns, showing off the texture and quality of their yarn, for men and women. Their most recent book is a collection of classy, stylish patterns for men, inspiring lots of ogling and praise among knitters.


Cypress in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

So, which Brooklyn Tweed pattern collections would you like to see in the store? I’m putting in a request for the Winter 2013 Collection, because I’m dying to make a Cypress vest. I’d love to hear requests and suggestions in the comments! -HD


SUPER EXCITING EDIT: Kristine and I are so excited about Shelter, and all of BT's gorgeous patterns, that we're announcing our first BLOG GIVE-AWAY. Comment with your favorite Brooklyn Tweed pattern, and we'll pick a winner at random, and give them a FREE copy of the pattern they picked! Good luck and thanks for reading!