Stitch Exchange: Pro-Verbial Presents Laura Nelkin

Hey current Pro-Verbial members! Today is your LAST day to sign up for Year 4 of Pro-Verbial and get all the surprises we've prepared just for early birds like you! See your most recent Pro-Verbial email for all the details!


Laura Nelkin's Life Cycle lace shawl

And now for something completely different: today Pro-Verbial brings you another designer from Year 4 of Pro-Verbial: Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs. If Bristol Ivy's keywords are modern and rugged, Laura is something else entirely: romantic and feminine. Her designs range from quick, funky accessories, to elaborate heirlooms for lace fanatics. All of them are beautiful, and most importantly, all of them are user-friendly, fun patterns.


Cyclo, a cute beaded neckwarmer by Laura Nelkin

Oh, did I mention BEADS?

Cyclo as a wristlet, and a close-up of Entomology

Beads, people. Beads.

Laura loves to design with beads, and soon, she might have you adding a bead here and there to everything you knit. If you're already familiar with beaded knitting, you know how much fun it is to add sparkle and texture to something with beading. If you haven't worked with beads yet but want to try, Nelkin's beautiful jewelry patterns are a good place to start. In fact, I was first introduced to beaded knitting when I made one of her Mudra Cuff kits. Soon, I was looking for excuses to bead everything (I'm still searching for the perfect beaded sweater pattern...).


headspace's Mudra Cuff, designed by Laura Nelkin

As I said before, the particulars of Year 4 are still a mystery, even to us here at Verb. But we've picked designers carefully, based on their varying strengths and visions, and we're so excited to see what they come up with. Year 4 of Pro-Verbial will definitely include uniquely hand-dyed, exclusive Verb yarn (maybe even some California wool...), and four gorgeous designs. Plus a few little surprises. 

And maybe even some beads. 

Current members of Pro-Verbial can get all the information they need for early-bird sign-ups from their most recent Pro-Verbial email. New members can sign up here, starting tomorrow, August 1st! Looking forward to a great year! -HD