Florence Spurling + AVFKW

Florence Spurling + AVFKW

We've been obsessed with Florence Spurling's Scout shawl for quite some time.

Scout is available in two sizes on Ravlery: Full and Mini.

Our yarn recommendation is to use Verb's Flock for the following reasons: it is available in a wide range of colors, soft yet durable, and made of non-superwash wool, it knits up beautifully in colorwork. Also, there are quite a few yards in a single skein!

To knit either the Scout Mini or Full size you will need 5 colors, 1 skein each.

Here are our recommendations for colors:


Plum Blossom, Red Pear Marble, Weathered Wood, Bay Sailor Marble, Labyrinth


Leaves of Grass, Labyrinth, Lighthouse, Lavender Latte Marble, Mollusk 


Vermillion Marble, Fleur, Sunflower Seed, Succulent Marble, Serpentine Marble


Bonfire, Sunrise Marble, Granite, Bay Sailor Marble, Deep Sea Marble


Click here to see in-stock skeins of Flock.

If the colors you are looking for are currently out of stock, we can dye them for you.

Kristine + Team Verb