Marine Layer Home Camisole // Caidree x AVFKW

Marine Layer Home Camisole // Caidree x AVFKW

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Kristine has finished her Marine Layer KAL project!

Home Camisole by Caidree

Reliquary (merino silk) in Pansy - 1 skein
Frond (mohair silk) in Marine Layer - 2 skeins

About her project, Kristine says:

Well, I know that all I needed to do was cast-on with Marine Layer to be part of the KAL but I always love a deadline to complete a project. So I decided to complete my project by May 31st. And whew! It was a push but I got through it - and though I had some ups and downs, I adore my top.

I started out by test-driving a few combinations of yarns and colors. I knew I wanted to use Frond in Marine Layer and held it double with the following yarns, to create three swatches: 

+ Reliquary in Pansy
Floating in Supernova
+ Annapurna in Zinc

I went with Reliquary and Frond because it was closest to the pattern's gauge. And because the fabric is divine; soft and lightweight yet opaque. (I fell in love with the Reliquary and Frond combination when swatching for Ruth earlier this Winter.) I absolutely adore this color combination - Pansy is so refreshing, purple being a color of intuition, possibility, and hope combined with Marine Layer's gentle washes of indigo blue, more lavender, and pops of rusty orange. I love that from a distance the fabric looks almost as if it is one color, but up close, you can see the tiny flecks and fluctuations of multiple hues.

Floating and Frond was also lovely - and a combination I highly recommend. I liked Annapurna if you are looking for a more substantial fabric and probably a project calling for a larger gauge. I especially liked the combination of Zinc and Marine Layer and almost chose it, as it is quite unusual - dark yet light, nice and moody. Now that I have worked out the kinks in the pattern, Floating in Zinc and Frond in Marine Layer might be my future Home Camisole. I could see wearing it under a handknit cardigan in the Fall for a very luxurious set.

I went down to needle sizes to get close to the patterns gauge. I have dutifully recorded my project notes on Ravelry. :) Luckily this top's construction is very simple, and is overall a small project, so it is easy to make personal modifications.

I love the addition of the i-cord edge to the neckline, armholes, and bottom edge. It adds structure to the overall top and creates a beautiful, finished garment.

Home Camisole comes in the following finished chest circumference:
27½”, (29½”), 34”, (37¾”), 42”, (46½”), 49¼”, (53½”), 58”, (61¼”)

You will need the following number of skeins:
Reliquary 1 (1), 1, (1), 1, (1), 1, (2), 2, (2)
Frond 1 (1), 1, (2), 2, (2), 2, (2), 3, (3)

Email us with any questions!

Kristine & Team Verb