Make 25% of my wardrobe? What does that mean?

Posted by Kristine Vejar on June 12, 2012 1 Comment

 Ysolda's Hand-knit sweaters

Since releasing Seam Allowance, I've been presented with the question of what does 25% of one's wardrobe mean? 

This is a great question. 

When conceiving of Seam Allowance, I wanted to create the percentage pledged to be do-able, thus, the 25%. 

I think of my daily clothing as such: a top, a bottom, socks, and shoes. So, I figured that if I could make and wear one of those things a day, that would be my 25%. Or, wear a dress, and I've accomplished 50%! 

So what I am really asking of you is to wear at least one thing everyday that you have made. Or, in other words, eliminate one thing that is store bought and replace it with something handmade.

Last week, I was out for a beer with my friend, Rachael, who is a member of Seam Allowance. She told me about Project 333. The goal is to simplify your closet and life, by choosing 33 pieces of clothing to wear. Everything else is either given away, or boxed up for next season. When Rachel did the math, 25% of 33 is 8-9 objects. That's not too bad, right? I've already made 3 Wiksten tanks that I could easily wear all Summer long!

Project 333 is interesting because it is asking you to consume less, and consume in a more meaningful way. I adore that Seam Allowance is going to give me the focus to create 8-9 objects of clothing and that it will give me the community of support, advice, collaboration, and inspiration necessary to do so. It is not too late to join Seam Allowance, and I hope you will.

I am off to start re-imaging my wardrobe. I'll be back soon to report on the outcome.

-- Kristine

photo: Ysolda's hand-knit sweaters

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Posted by bidgett on January 05, 2015

I love the concept of your seam allowance project. I am walking along the same path, to replace more and more in my closet with hand made items.
Sadly I do not have the necessary cash to join your club, but I will be watching and reading your blog and let it inspire me.
So far I have about 3 different outfits that are completely hand made (except for unmentionables and shoes, but I am working on that! :D )

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