Naturally Dyed Sashiko Thread
Label: Madder
Label: Light Madder
Label: Madder + Weld
Label:Light Madder + Weld
Label:Weld + Iron
Label: Light Weld + Iron
Label: Indigo
Label: Variegated Indigo
Label: Dark Indigo
Label: Medium Cochineal + Iron
Label: Cutch + Iron
Label: Cutch
Label: Black Tea
Label: Black Tea + Iron
Label: Mother's Day Palette
Label:July Palette
Label: Friendship
Naturally Dyed Sashiko Thread

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Naturally Dyed Sashiko Thread

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Color:Light Madder + Weld

100% cotton sashiko thread
22 yards

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A Verb for Keeping Warm
100% cotton sashiko thread
22 yards


Naturally-dyed by hand in our Oakland studio.


In addition to our line of naturally dyed embroidery floss, we are excited to offer our brand new line of sashiko thread as well!

Our sashiko thread is a heavier weight than our embroidery floss, and has a matte finish.

Palettes consist of 6 hanks. The Mother's Day Palette is inspired by spring flowers and greenery. The July Palette is inspired by dark glossy leaves, warm adobe bricks, deep shadows, and hot summer skies. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our collection of embroidery books and other supplies here. You can use this thread for embroidery, mending, hand stitching, friendship bracelets, etc. 

**We are in the process of updating our colorways, and dyeing more colors, please email the shop if you are interested in being contacted once they are ready: info (at) averbforkeepingwarm (dot) com