400 Stars Solstice Collection
Label:Floating yarn 400 Stars
Label:Frond yarn 400 Stars
Label:Soft Current yarn 400 Stars
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400 Stars Solstice Collection
400 Stars Solstice Collection
400 Stars Solstice Collection
400 Stars Solstice Collection

A Verb for Keeping Warm

400 Stars Solstice Collection

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400 Stars Solstice Collection

Cloth 400 Stars

6328 San Pablo Ave

Pickup currently unavailable

6328 San Pablo Ave
Oakland CA 94608
United States

Happy Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year, and the longest night.

Today, Adrienne and I are reflecting on pulling our energy inward, before we turn towards the longer days, as the Earth starts shifting towards pushing once again outward, so plants can grow, and nourish insects, birds, fish, animals, and people.

To mark this day, in 2021 we created a Solstice colorway named 400 Stars. We have dyed it on yarn, fabric, and thread. All of have been naturally-dyed in our Oakland studio.

To create this colorway, we layered indigo with logwood purple. On the yarn, we added speckles of weld, the threads, petals of marigolds, to represent stars. And flecks of cochineal, a dye native to Mexico, for flickers of pink, the warmth and possibility of what is to come.

So on this chilly Winter night, we will look upward into the dark night sky, and honor the 400 stars before they begin to recede bit by bit, as we make our way towards Spring and Summer.

- Kristine


Choose from the following:

+ 1 piece of naturally-dyed cloth approximately 18x18". Each piece of fabric is unique. What you see here is a representation of what you will receive. The types of fibers include linen, linen/cotton, and cotton. For inspiration with your stitching, we recommend the book Resilient Stitch.

+ 5 hanks of naturally-dyed sashiko thread

+ 5 hanks of naturally-dyed embroidery floss

+ Floating yarn - 70% Alpaca ~ 20% Silk ~ 10% Cashmere, 100 g / 437 yards - ultimate luxury.

+ Frond yarn - 72% Kid Mohair ~ 28% Silk, 50 g / 459 yards - light as a cloud.

+ Soft Current yarn - 74% Baby Suri Alpaca ~ 26% Silk, 50 g / 328 yards - soft as a kitten!