Mohair Silk
Label: Anemone
Label: Highgarden
Label: Quartz Fumé
Label: Smoke
Label: Rust
Label: Yellow Brick Road
Label: Grellow
Label: Bone
Label: Winterfall
Label: Isle of Arran
Label: Vespa
Label: The Shire
Mohair Silk
Mohair Silk
Mohair Silk
Mohair Silk

La Bien Aimée

Mohair Silk

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70% Kid Mohair / 30% Silk
550 yards / 50g
Lace Weight

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La Bien Aimée (LBA) yarns are absolute heaven to knit and to wear. Each skein is a jewel. The nuance in colors have to be seen with your own eyes to be believed. LBA was founded by Aimée Gille. All yarns are handdyed in Paris, France. Such a treat to offer these yarns to you! 

La Bien Aimée Mohair Silk is a soft and luxurious blend of mohair and mulberry silk. A lace weight with almost 550 yards, it adds a lovely halo to any garment or accessory, while staying light and warm at the same time.