The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit
The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit

A Verb for Keeping Warm

The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit

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The Modern Natural Dyer Work-Along: Phase 1 Kit

Phase 1 Kit

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In 2016, in celebration of her new book, The Modern Natural Dyer, Kristine designed a year long course of study to guide you through the book and the natural dyeing process. Kristine has found that project-based learning helps create a direct method for exploring technique. In the Modern Natural Dyer, there are 20 projects, each exploring a different part of the natural dyeing process.

Originally, with seasonality in mind, the Work-Along was broken into three phases. Phase 1 ran from January 2016 to April 2016. The main correspondence of the Work-Along took place on the Verb blog and on the Verb Instagram account. 

In Phase 1, the focus is on the basics of natural dyeing and learning to use natural dyeing extracts. We think these projects are a good fit for Wintertime when you might be indoors more often than not.

These are the projects included:

Northwoods Hat (or silk scarf kit)
Sock Hop! 

Wanderlust Bag
Sandstone Shawl 
Iron-Age Tee (dyes only; see note below)*

By working on these projects you will learn:
+ the difference between fiber types
+ to naturally dye protein-based and cellulose-based fibers
+ to plan for projects
+ to work efficiently and effectively 
+ to combine natural dyeing extracts to create a wide-range of color
+ to learn how fibers within the same type absorb color
+ to use iron 
+ to dye garments 
+ and more!

The Phase 1 Kit contains:

Fabric, Yarn, and Blanks
+ Bulky wool yarn (1 skein) or silk scarf (1) 
+ Organic cotton socks (1 pair)
+ Wool flannel fabric (1/4 yard)
+ Worsted weight 100% US Targhee wool yarn (1 skein) 
+ Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight yarn(1 skein) 
+ AVFKW Frond Silk Mohair yarn (1 skein) 

Optional add-on items*:
+ A. Chanin V-Neck Organic Cotton Tank (1) 
+ A. Chanin Long Sleeve Cardigan (1) 

    Scour, Mordant, and Color Changers
    Dishwashing detergent
    Soda ash
    Aluminum potassium sulfate
    Aluminum acetate
    Wheat bran
    Ferrous sulfate

      Natural Dyes (you will choose one dye for each project)
      Northwoods Hat: madder, logwood, or weld
      Sock Hop: madder, logwood, or cochineal
      Wanderlust Bag: weld and logwood
      Sandstone Shawl: madder, rhubarb, and fustic - or- madder, cutch, logwood
      Iron-Age Tee*: weld / iron or quebracho red / iron

        Verb pencil

        *Iron-Age Tee: This project uses two pre-sewn cotton blanks (a tank top and a cardigan). The Phase 1 Kit includes the mordant, dye, and iron for this project. You have the option of adding an Alabama Chanin tank top and cardigan to your cart using the drop-down menu below (for sizing, see last image). Alternately, you may supply your own cotton garments to dye, or purchase them directly from Alabama Chanin. The amount of mordant, dye, and iron supplied in the kit are based on the weight of the Alabama Chanin garments: the cardigan weighs 148 g and the tank top weighs 122 g.

        + When you purchase the kit, we will send you an email with a series of questions to customize your kit. For example, choose between the Northwoods Hat kit or a silk scarf kit. And then, choose which color you would like: red, yellow, or purple.
        + Purchasing this one large kit, rather than a series of smaller kits, you will save over 25%.

        + Dye Kit will ship 7 - 10 business days from time of order