Rosa Sachet Bundle
Rosa Sachet Bundle
Rosa Sachet Bundle
Rosa Sachet Bundle
Rosa Sachet Bundle

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Rosa Sachet Bundle

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Style:Rosa Sachet Instructions (PDF)

A very easy sewing project great for beginners and all! You can sew this by-hand - no machine required.

This project was originally created for the second issue of Making Zine. The theme was Fauna. When hearing of this theme, Kristine, the founder of Verb, instantly thought of two things: the dye cochineal, made of a scale insect which lives upon the nopal cactus and gives a gorgeous bright pink color, and dreaded moths!!

So she decided to create the Rosa Sachets: lavender-filled sachets to keep the moths away using cochineal-dyed fabric.

The fabric is created using a resist-dyeing technique known as ita-jime. Through folding and clamping the fabric, and then dyeing it, a gorgeous geometric pattern appears.

Due to the hand-dyed nature of this project, the fabric for each sachet is one-of-a-kind. Cochineal-dyed embroidery is included in the kit, so you can add your own special touch.

Each bundle includes enough fabric for 4 sachets.

Inside this bundle:
+ One piece of cochineal dyed 100% cotton fabric
+ One piece of natural-colored 100% linen fabric
+ One mini hank of 100% cotton embroidery floss dyed with cochineal

Please note, this bundle does not include instructions. Please purchase a copy of the PDF.

    To complete project, you will need:
    + Rosa Sachet PDF Instructions
    + Ruler
    + Embroidery needle
    + Herbal blend of lavender and cedar chips (or stuffing of your choice)

    Photography of sachets by Carrie Bostick Hoge for Making Zine.