Beautiful People

A few weeks back, we had the honor of hosting Sarai and Kenn of Colette patterns. They just released two new patterns; Juniper, a pants pattern, and Anise, a jacket. We threw a party to celebrate! Many people came dressed in their finest Colette Pattern creations.




There was so much inspiration in the room. Patterns, fabric, finished garments, and beautiful samples from the Colette Studio. Many of us in Seam Allowance, have been working on Colette patterns to wear as our 25%. So wonderful to see the work in use!

Sarai and Kenn graciously donated 4 patterns for a raffle - which caused a lot of excitement as you can imagine! 

I loved getting to know Sarai and Kenn better. It was my first time meeting them in person. They are as lovely in person as they are online and am once again pleased as punch that we get to support such an awesome company.

By popular demand, we have begun to offer a Colette Sew-Along Class. The first class is happening this Saturday, October 20th, at the shop. This four hour class provides the focus and support to really dive into your next Colette creation. I hope you will join us!

Thanks to everyone who came to the party! 

**Most of the photos included were taken by Kenn. Thanks Kenn!