Marine Layer Milli // Cocoknits x AVFKW

Marine Layer Milli // Cocoknits x AVFKW

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A Marine Layer KAL update!


Today, we are featuring:

Milli Kerchief by Cocoknits

AVFKW Nibble (California Fine Wool) in Lighthouse
Frond (silk mohair) in Marine Layer

(1 skein each)


Sarah just completed knitting a very beautiful Milli Kerchief using Nibble and Frond.  (You can read her project notes, including her needle size, on Ravelry.) She held the two strands of yarn together to create a fabric that is soft, squishy, and adorned with little, subtle wisps of color. This morning in Oakland, there is a layer of silver grey fog, and the air is cool, Milli, is the perfect size to keep warm. And easy to toss in one’s bag once the sun breaks through the fog.

Nibble is made from 100% California grown fine wool - this means the sheep are a blend of Merino, Rambouillet, and Targhee. The sheep live in Santa Barbara County and they have a very important job - to graze and nibble on grass and plants that once dried by the hot sun, are an extreme hazard during fire season. We think of these little sheep as heros! Sarah grew up in Santa Barbara County so she especially wanted to use Nibble in her Milli. 

Frond has been dyed with our color of the moment, Marine Layer. Developed for the bay Area Yarn crawl, and inspired by the sun setting over the San Francisco Bay, this color has washes of indigo, lavender, and pops of rusty orange madder for the Golden Gate Bridge. The hazy quality of frond is evocative of the way the sky looks and the air feels when our Marine Layer lands every evening. 

Milli is an unique take on the current trend of small scarves due to its interesting shape. Julie of Cocoknits created a curved shape along the top edge - eliminating the excess bulk that can build along the nape of your neck. 

Sarah just got off the plane from Japan on Wednesday - her first day back in the studio was yesterday - so we did not want to accost her with modeling this shawl. Hopefully soon we will get some photos of her wearing Milli. Stay tuned! 

If you would prefer to knit your Milli using Floating, you can! It is easily adaptable. Either use Floating on its own or pair it with Frond, Soft Current, or Wild Bloom.


We are currently hosting a Knit-a-Long: use Marine Layer and be entered to win gift cards to Verb! 

All you need to do is cast-on!

This special goes through May 31st - so there is still time to participate.

Marine Layer is currently in stock and we will ship your order ASAP so you can enter to win!

So hop on over to the website and choose your favorite combo and get ready to cast-on!

Email us with any questions you may have. And keep us tagged on IG with #marinelayerkal.