Dye Gardening Class Offered April 21st

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Happy Spring!  I'm very excited about the warming weather.  It means I can start planting all of my plants outside to start this year's garden.  This year I have an edible garden in my front yard that is already growing a lot of delicious greens.  At the store I (with the help of friends, Chris and Hannah) have planted seeds for a variety of plants that dye fiber.

If you'd like to learn more about the dyeing with fresh plants or just the natural dyeing process; I have a class for you!  Please read below...

Growing, Gathering, and Dyeing with Plants - Sunday, April 21

Instructor: Adrienne Rodriguez

Discover natural dyeing and its wide world of color. Throughout time, the craft of natural dyeing has been created and upheld by cultures around the world, from South America to India. Now is your chance to become part of the tradition. Explore which types of plants you can grow and gather that can be used in the dyeing process.

This class will prepare you for natural dyeing on protein (animal) fibers.

In this class, you will learn:

- Yarn and fiber preparation which will include helpful tips for a successful end product with emphasis on colorfastness

- Mordanting with alum for protein fibers (these are fibers that come from animals) to achieve colorfast results

- Dyestuff prep

- Actual dyeing of yarn samples

- Washing and drying your yarn

- Resources for continued learning

- How to create a dye garden

- How to use whole plants to create a wide variety of color

You will leave class with a colorful array of naturally dyed yarn samples and a resourceful handout

No experience required.

Materials included: yarn samples, various dyestuffs, feel free to bring your own plants to try out (8 ounces will do!)

Materials Required: rubber gloves.

NOTE:  Class is held on our outside patio with seats.  Please dress for comfort, crafting, and weather conditions.

1 Session / 3 hours

Sunday, April 21, 2:30-5:30pm

Cost: $75 with 24 hour advance reservation / $85 walk-in

Click link below to sign up! Spots are going fast


Have a question? Call us at 510.595.8372

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First Friday in Pictures

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Quince & Co. Owl arrives,


Julie Weisenberger unveils her very first sewing pattern, Emma, designed exclusively for Verb, 



Marcel gets a haircut,


and Cleopatra gets a bellyrub.


Come visit, see gorgeous Emma and bald little Marcel in person, and partake of our First Friday Fabric Sale all weekend. -HD

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A Few Extra Touches: Stitches West 2013

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We were flattered last year to win "Prettiest Booth" at Stitches West. This year, in addition to dyeing yarn and hatching plans, we've been updating our booth design. We are packing the car and heading to Santa Clara today to start setting up. I hope you will stop by booth #1136 / 1138!

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This Week in the Dye Studio: Madder, Cutch, Fustic, Weld, and Cochineal

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One week from today, all of our yarn will be on display and for sale at Stitches West. This annual event brings thousands to the Bay Area in search of yarn. This was our last week in the dye, so with only a few pots left in the production schedule, we were working hard to stay organized and calm. Ha! Famous last words, right?

Most of the week, I spent dyeing our most popular orange colorway, Thai Iced Tea, and yellow colorway, Filigree. Between the two of these colorways, I use madder, cutch, fustic, weld, and cochineal. They are two of my favorite colorways to make given that they are fairly straightforward to create and they are just so pretty, warm, and happy to be around.

The reason I am spending so much time dyeing both of these colorways, is because Romi, the designer I work with for Stitches West, has created a new pattern using these two colorways - and even better - for the first time ever, we are hosting a virtual Stitches West, where those, who can not attend Stitches West, will have access to this limited edition pattern, yarn, and hand-illustrated project bag. This kit will be available on Thursday, Feb 21, 6pm pst.

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This Week in the Dye Studio: We went to the ocean.

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I've spent a lot of time in the dye studio over the past month. It's been great. Though I could feel my inspiration waning. So decided spontaneously that the crew needed a trip to the coast. Plus, we're exploring a few concepts which we're working into a project at the moment - one in which the ocean will play a key role - so this gave us an opportunity to capture my vision on camera.


The trip did it's trick. I'm ready, with new ideas, to continue my work in the dye studio.

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