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100% Portuguese wool
131 yards / 100 grams
Aran Weight

Retrosaria - Cobertor

100% Portuguese wool
131 yards / 100 grams 
Aran Weight

Hand wash only.
Vendor Gauge: 10 stitches over 4" |  Suggested Needle: US 11 (7mm - 8mm) |  Suggested Punch Needle: #10


Cobertor is the yarn used for manufacturing the traditional Portuguese papa blankets. It’s spun from the fleece of native long wool sheep breeds. Papa blankets are documented since the mid 16th century and they are used to this day by many shepherds of Guarda. These blankets have a distinctive faux fur look, which is obtained through fulling and teaseling. The dense nap raised on both sides creates an exceptionally warm blanket. This same look and feel can be achieved on knitted garments made with Cobertor yarn by gently teaseling them with a flick carder or a dog slicker.

At Verb, we love knitting with yarns that are working to preserve rare breeds of sheep, and a transparent supply chain, so we love Retrosaria yarns. We love the durability and color range of this yarn - perfect for your next colorwork knitting, weaving, or punch-needle project. 

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