Seam Allowance - Make 25% of Your Own Clothing - 2nd Sunday of Month

*** Seam Allowance is currently on hiatus due to the pandemic. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the status of Seam Allowance. ***

Take the pledge! To make (at least) 25% of your own clothing.

Whether you are already making 25% of your own clothing and would like to take your process to the next level or you are new to making and would like the support of the group towards making 25% of your own clothing, all are welcome.

Clothing provides a way to keep warm and as a means of expression. Making your own clothing can be an outlet to use your creativity and a way to build confidence by learning new skills. It can also be a means to affect social justice and to impact the environment in a positive way by supporting locally-grown and created textiles.

Every process used in the creation of textiles and clothing are welcome: knitting, sewing, weaving, felting, crocheting, etc. Check out the Seam Allowance Blog, to read about how Seam Allowance was started, why it was started, and more! 

There are two membership levels: 

Seam Allowance Basic - free
+ attend the monthly Seam Allowance meet-ups, on the second Sunday of every month, 5-7pm
+ meet others who have taken the pledge
+ show off what you have made
+ share your goals and clothing making aspirations
+ get help and advice for works-in-progress
+ come to be inspired and to inspire others
+ learn tips and tricks to use in the clothing making process
+ share and learn about resources to help you with your garment making goals

    Seam Allowance Pro - $75 per year
    + all of the above
    + Plus! 10% off all tools and materials used toward your Seam Allowance goal
    + advance notice and registration for upcoming special events related to garment making

    The Seam Allowance Meet-Up is always the 2nd Sunday of the month, 5-7 pm.